Alexander Super-Abrasives Corporation produces premier super abrasive grinding wheels for industrial processes. What makes us unique is the fact that we are able to produce innovative, non-standard special sizes and shapes to address a specific application. This is done by modifying properties such as grit type, grit size, grit concentration, bond type, hardness and bond modifications. Depending upon the application, grinding wheels are made with aluminum-resin composite, copper-resin composite, Bakelite, 6061-T6 aluminum, 4340 alloy or mild steel cores.

ASA offers a full line of standard diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels. Highest quality natural and synthetic diamond and CBN, combined with ASA's own advanced bonds, is what makes ASA's products superior. These products are available in various core materials and processes with assorted grit sizes.

Processes Available Core Materials Available Abrasives Available Grit Size Range
Resin Bond Aluminum 6061-T6 CBN 60
Metal Bond Aluminum Resin Composite Natural Diamond  
Vitrified Copper Resin Composite Synthetic Diamond  
Electro Plated Bakelite    
High-Temp Polymer Bond Steel   Micron

The range of these products usages varies from the Woodworking industry, Ceramic industry, Aerospace, Mining, Tool Making and Military. These industries use the products to cut/grind steel, carbide, ceramics, glass, quartz and shape/sharpen metals and alloys alike.

The exceptional performance of our grinding tools, quick deliveries and competitive prices is what makes Alexander Super-Abrasives Corp. an excellent choice to be your super abrasive supplier.