Alexander Super-Abrasives Corporation (ASA) was established in Victoria, BC, Canada in 1988. Having been founded by John Alexander and Brian Alexander this company has steadily grown and accounts for 175 years of experience in metallurgy, metalworking, grinding and manufacturing.

Alexander Super-Abrasives Corp. began producing Diamond and Borazon grinding wheels 25 years ago, making ASA a fairly young company in the super abrasive industry. ASA started as a small family business owned and operated by the Alexanders. It has been steadily growing over the years acquiring many customers, both North American and international.

We custom design and manufacture super-abrasive grinding wheels for industry. This young but well established company has earned an excellent reputation for supplying top quality, high performance diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels at a competitive price.

ASA operates out of a 2100 square meter plant located in an industrial section of the city. Equipped with sophisticated tools and machinery, and employing skilled craftspeople ASA produces some of the best super-abrasive products in the business, outperforming many competitors.

Super-Abrasive grinding wheels are composed of a super-abrasive crystal embedded in specialized bonds. This mixture is then applied to the periphery of a circular metallic or composite resin core.

At ASA the focus in mainly on custom wheels. We like to think of each new order as an engineering design project that will best meet our customers needs. We take pride in our products and like to make sure that a high customer satisfaction is always met. Due to this motto, the business has grown to supply companies throughout Canada, United States, and parts of the Asian Pacific Rim.